Voices on the Wind Voices from Teen Years
DISCONNECT by Kimberly Hardy So like I started high school finally With my parents steadily hounding me New school means new responsibility I roll my eyes thinking they should let me be So like I think they just don’t understand That “Pokemon Go” is not a rock band And yes, your cell phone can be scanned And social media leads to the promised land So like I know that they think they’re cool Talking to my friends when they pick me up at school But they always forget the golden rule The earth revolves around the crown jewel So like after reading Cosmopolitan I know me and Justin Bieber can be friends Talking on FaceTime to no end While watching another episode of the Kardashians But like now they make me do chores Scrubbing the bathtub on all fours While Comet and sweat stream from my pores To the sweet sounds of the lawn mower outdoors And like now they’ve given me a curfew Limiting all the fun things I can do I swear they just don’t have a clue These are not the parents I’m used to