Voices on the Wind Voices in Tribute
Dante was his Virgil (from Pound Laundry) by Michael Gregory Dante was his Virgil more than a half truth in view of all the anxieties of exile he came to call his own. Notions of perfection. Visions of paradise. Prosody the composition of words set to music. Poetry less invention than a skillful finding entering into the ghostly logos of language, and a willing of its own realization, the poet-author binding together vowels— the souls of songs—as the man of authority binds together the disparate souls of men. Which neoplatonists to look to for clarity on the practical implications of the metaphysics of light. Which poets to spend a lifetime trying to get into the eloquence of the vulgar tongue. Words as Aristotle said the seeds of action the monarch is obligated to plant so with time they fructify in community life. Justice whose antithesis is avarice, desire to have more than others. The just society a reflection of people in love, fidelity to the authorities on the three orders of human dignity— philosophy ethics theology. The vita contemplativa—speculation— closer to God than the practical arts, as per the Angelic Doctor, the moral order of action and technical order of creation both less noble than the theoretical order of knowledge though of equal weight in authority: the personal spiritual and political spheres (reason contemplation public work) each supreme in its own bailiwick— he who contemplates does not govern he who governs does not contemplate— separate but of equal competence in a convivial live and let live world to each his very own beatitude peace on earth finally enabling actualization of human intellect in toto the whole human community free, each individual free to act in accordance with his own nature a hierarchy without subordination a peace achievable only through sovereignty exercised by a strong leader who having all is beneficent, without greed, a fount of unselfish love and charity which is to say love in rectitude to refine and clarify justice constraining men by force of law to admit the natural truth of the philosophers the supernatural truth of the contemplators for just as the natural body needs a head (man being a compound substance composed of rational psyche and demented matter eyes on the stars and feet in the mud) it follows that as different middle terms in logic lead to different conclusions so different ends require different means the body politic needing a head of state to keep ubiquitous greed in check.