Voices on the Wind Voices on Waiting
Waiting for Daddy by Larry Turner On a Friday evening, I told Mama, “This end of the room is Zanesville. That’s where Daddy is working. The other end is our house here in Logan.” I set the toy pickup truck in between, and every few minutes I’d ask her, “Where is he now? Should I move the truck?” My father, along with his father and brothers, worked in road construction. For many jobs, they’d be away for months at a time, but for this one, they could come home every weekend. Tonight he wouldn’t arrive before midnight. Lying beside her in her bed, I closed my eyes and asked, “Are your eyes closed? What do you see?” I knew she wasn’t asleep, but needed to test my theory that when you dream, you only see people who are also asleep. Sometime during the night I felt Daddy’s strong arms pick me up and carry me from her bed.