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Poets! Flex Your Economic Muscle! by Larry Turner Help us create a card that can benefit your organizationů Not only would your card give a percentage of every purchase back to the organization, but it would build recognition for your organization every time a member uses his or her card. --Letter from a major credit card provider to the poet, formerly an officer of the Illinois State Poetry Society Why keep starving in your garret Mid possessions scarred and marred? Live like kings, and drink your claret With a custom credit card. Who, indeed, is more deserving? Who should have such great regard? Who proclaims the truth, unswerving? Get your custom credit card. Fly no more on wings of fancy. Buy a private plane, you bard. Muses, after all, are chancy. Use your custom credit card. Feel secure among your betters. Walk the path that has been barred. Join the ranks of deep-in-debtors With your custom credit card