Voices on the Wind Voices from Home
Conspicuous Invisibility by Doris Gwaltney The girl takes two giant-steps toward the new wire fence eyes bright mouth curving in a smile In the field she sees a doe and two fauns standing where no deer has stood in her ten years of life Perhaps her daddy planted them with the peanuts Perhaps their seed coats split like beans and pushed the gentle heads the trembling legs to stand above ground The doe sniffs the air leans low to snip the tender leaves of peanut plants with her sharp teeth The fawns follow suit arching necks biting clumsily like children learning to use a spoon The girl watches bobbing heads and is transfixed and this invisible until a sound behind her makes her look to see her daddy striding from the barn He raises his hands to clap palms cupped so they will sound like gunshots But he sees her face her shining eyes her mouth curved to an oh of delight And slowly not wanting top be seen by child or animal he lowers them He lights the fires of sacrifice Fall peanuts for the spring radiance of his daughter’s smile