Voices on the Wind Open Theme
The Closet by Andrea Williams Reed Door knob rattles, hinges squeak, Vintage smells escape into the air. Once a treasure trove for dress-up And exploring as children Now part trinkets, part history. Special occasion outfits, with sequence Hats, belts, and leather wallets. Ties and belt buckles Clothing once new and romantic, Now period and dated, Fluffy quilts, scratchy afghans and bumpy lace, Rich textures to touch. Wall hangings and prints, That never made it to the wall. Outdated appliances, and electronics, Shoved aside for the latest models. Crib sheet, baby hats, Baseball and glove, tennis racquet and ball, Pictures of the living and the departed, Of those, always older than you, Looking out, with younger than you Faces, with more hair, thinner bodies All clad in vintage clothing How full our circle has truly been, How it is shrinking now with time, Diplomas, certificates, awards and trophies, Report cards, and yearbooks, Love letters, and thank you notes. Newspaper clippings, invitations, Birth, wedding, and death certificates Paper yellow and brittle to the touch What over achievers we have been, Yet each marked moments, Of pride, accomplishment, or heart break Each item found its way in By a different route, some gifted, Some purchased with the best Of intentions. Often moved over, pushed aside, Stacked upon each other, or covered up, Still always room for one more.