Voices on the Wind Voices on Waiting
OUR CHOKE BLOSSOMS 5/14/69 to Joyce Salisbury on her husband’s divorce to marry his young graduate student, both of them at Joyce’s reception for Diane Wakoski I’d driven Portland to UO Eugene. by Dick Bakken Somehow our earth still turns and stars yet wink in place. Somehow life is glad and vast even into wretched times. I know this moonlight slides over your neck and shoulders as promisingly as over anyone’s. I saw you lean and rest those arms round one of your boys when you whispered to him. You are tearless, electric, yes alive and so much more fortunate than such as us ever imagine. Thank heaven for this sparkling, the bed, those sharp cherries. I’m sorry I choke up on cats and don’t care for medicine—I’d have savored all next day’s blossom with you laughing beneath wild sky.