Voices on the Wind Voices from Teen Years
Castro’s Conscience by Larry Turner In those days after the fall of Senator Joe McCarthy but before Vietnam (they called us the Dud Generation), at the university we heard little of what was happening in the world, and little was. We were so out of touch that it took a decorated tree in the cafeteria to inform us Christmas was coming. I chanced to see a magazine describing Castro and his rebels hiding in the hills of Cuba. It was as if an angel had appeared to me with the message: Go to Cuba. Join him. Serve as his conscience. As when David was sent against Goliath or when 300 under Gideon faced the host of Midianites as thick as locusts, my lack of qualification validated the call. One year of high-school Spanish. Never yet south of Cincinnati. At five foot eleven and 115 pounds, an unlikely guerilla. I acknowledged the call but did not answer. What would have happened in Cuba it is not mine to know nor mine to speculate. Instead I acquired education, wife and family, career, lived years filled with uneventful days, an instrument custom-ordered but never called for nor delivered.