Voices on the Wind Open Theme
Castle In The Air by G. Louis Heath We live in a castle on a promontory overlooking A burnt-out valley, with only a moat for defense. Reptiles dreaming utopias swim in these waters, Raising eyes from the murk to take a far view. They conjure barren gardens in the valley below, Tended by angels with charred, flightless wings. Edenís follies dance on those grim wings and the Reptilesí first view of heaven is our last view of Hell. Our wishing castle shines not on its salient. We arise each morning into a last tomorrow to shred Cryptic weaves of tapestries on stone walls quarried From the loftiest aeries of ancient minds. We are so Mercilessly, ingloriously good at deep dark purple Rhetoric and grand gestures to set back the hour that Leaves no choice. The moat bridge lifts and our great Armored doors yawn wide to welcome our worst fears.