Voices on the Wind Voices from Teen Years
HER CAROL ON THE BULLET By Dick Bakken True anecdote from Carole Isaacs 10/26/78 Seattle from her holiday high ride over the Alps at eighteen Blitz lightning from windows across an aisle, our wild eyes sparking like this streamline Streak a-fly to Christmas—flash!—whooo!— As silvered we midnight rumble up another steep, cars lean these curves to funnel whiteout Alps and Whosits slips from his fiancée’s snooze across flashed black to my hard thundered heart— through blasts of—uhhh!—such high up burst ba-booms! —flash!—uh!—whoo!—uh!—flash!—as smashing beneath our up-sprung splendored coats we slam like dogs not caring who in this hail sees—our flailed out shadow arms through flickers all agog —light!—flying!—up white! flash!—or hears our chokes whoooo!— from under such heaved shriek of peacoats.