Voices on the Wind Open Theme
Can you see me? by James F. Gaines Drifting like a leaf In the calm late autumn afternoon The sun hits us aslant As it moves down over the southern hill It was surely time to let go All evidence of the rich season had left And I had hung on long enough It was right for me to seek new levels In the calm late autumn afternoon I leave it to you to preserve the colors To find your own stems and your own wind Youve had ages to observe The decisions come More easily than youd think And pass on much more easily Into the calm late autumn afternoon Ive seen more than Id ever dreamed Enough to fill my veins over and over Sometimes so full they threatened to burst Yet now somehow I can hold it all Not a drop of worry to spill Into this calm late autumn afternoon Im going to enjoy some shade I look forward to communing with some voles I left behind long ago on the ground For I wonder what secrets They will whisper into my ears As they tell of footsteps Felt through the firmness of the earth In this calm late autumn afternoon.