Voices on the Wind Evening Voices
Bisbee Summer Nights by Chris Dietz 1. Dusk drops weightless fists from parched arroyos The L-shaped canyon that forms the town may be a large elbow Cats in heat stomp their feet 2. Night slips in pussy on fire buckets of fur kissing bugs Javelina at the doorstep foxes in the kitty litter Carmen has an albino skunk come for cat food Tight narrow roads blocked by dogs stuck together running in opposite directions Pack rats steal aluminum foil 3. Daddy long legs run the place summer night’s hidey hole 4. Parakeets chortle from pomegranates then one lands in sacred Datura attendants hoist aloft blossoms white cat heads 5. Red sleeping bag hangs over the porch like a wound high house gapes entrails in downy doom At night, a woman in a hippy skirt hauls in the sleeping bag dresses the wound, closes it up below, a cat cauterizes its kill 6. Hot cats zigzag for alleys hiking broken stairs Theater of paw racket 7. Billy practices ‘Fuer Elise’ on the piano we got from a dream at night in summer with the front door open Strolling by lovers pause to listen lovers caress in the street while my little boy serenades with Beethoven they move closer, he plays softer night envelops tinkling 8. All over the world people linger over pelts here, near the border in the expedition of drift bosque in the face birds quarry brood tunnels