Voices on the Wind Obscure Voices
BENEATH THE NOISE by Kathy Cotton Undressing day noise, I shed octaves and decibels like rumpled shirts and dirty socks tossed into a hamper. Stripped clean, I slip beneath the silent blanket of night only to find those hushed songs that play unheard all day, suddenly amped up. Wires hum behind walls, water sways in earth-packed pipes. Breath and blood dance beneath skin, and synapse to synapse, thoughts leap like Baryshnikov. Life’s tiniest rhythms, particle to wave, wave to particle, thrum in my cells, lullaby my weary ears to sleep. From the roof, a multi-lingual mockingbird announces morning, and another day dresses itself in layers of silk and denim sound. Drops of water rush together, flush, splash, pour, drain. Spoons scrape bowls. The city jerks from flat line to spiking decibels of voice and radio and lawn mowers, angry horns and grinding gears. But now. . .beneath the noise I hear the whispered song of spinning atoms. Beneath the work-day’s loud coat, I wear the quiet music.