Voices on the Wind Voices from Home
Beauty is HOME by Chris Dietz Will I derive less or more pleasure from eating an ice cream cone or from reading a sonnet Beauty is a minefield any observation one makes about it usually blows up in one’s face Beauty seems to stop us in our tracks beauty is conducive to stillness It doesn’t instill in us the desire to replicate it It makes us exist as though we’re existing for that very experience Before the critical faculties kick in when we know there is something beyond the usual twaddle There is organic beauty ornamental beauty decorative beauty beauty of the moment beauty gone ‘the bluebird whistling or just after’ beauty of words, of song color, design line of beauty Leopold Bloom, sitting in a pub found himself staring at an oak bar musing, ‘beauty: it curves, curves are beauty’ Elegance economy of movement combination of color, sound, substance fusion of purpose, function, action Beauty is fleeting beauty exists only because it disappears it offers a glimpse of redemption beauty is home