Voices on the Wind Open Theme
Ambiguity by m.e. jackson He led her to a chair not the couch and invited her to speak. She told him she was afraid of dying but was afraid to live. Why? Living takes so much work and makes her tired, she said. You are tired, he asked? Yes, getting out of bed takes effort then there is eating and bathing. Itís too much. Do you need assistance? Not to live; maybe to die. Why would you need help to die? Someone needs to show me the way. The way? The way where? Eternity, she said. Then thought a moment. Never mind, she said and rose to leave. Donít leave, I can help you. Sorry. I wasted your time. I just realized the ambiguity of it all. Ambiguity? Yes, in being afraid to live or die Iím postponing eternity. Isnít that living, forever? Let me open the door for youÖ